Nurture You Skin and Body Spa, LLC - Company Message
Facials $40 & up
Your face, neck and chest are included not just the face. Your facial will include a combination of skin analysis, masks, steaming, ozone, extractions if needed, massage, products & serums for your skin type and skin condition.
Some facials include a complementary skin care kit with enough product to last about 3 weeks to one month & machine treatments when needed.
Facials offered are for acne, anti-aging, rosacea, dehydrated, hyperpigmentation and sensitive skin. Machine treatment methods include Iontosonic, Disincrustation, Deep Pore Cleansing, Galvanic, LED light, Mirocurrent & High Frequency.
Steaming with ozone helps with acne and increases product penetration.
Extractions are to remove dead skin, oil, and debris that could be clogging your pores.There may be medical reasons preventing a client from receiving any service, in which case the service can not be performed.
Specialty Facials: $60 & up
Specialty facials use products such as masks, serums, aromatherapy oils, chemical peels, anti-oxidant serums, facial machines and light therapy to address your skin's needs. Machine treatment methods include Iontosonic, Disincrustation, Deep Pore Cleansing, Galvanic, LED light, Mirocurrent & High Frequency
Acne Facials:
Helps soothe inflamed skin, reduce acne scars, and help with over-production of oil. Green tea extract can be used in this facial for added benefits.
Anti-Aging Facials:
Helps with fine lines, elasticity, and increasing collagen, plumping, and tightening skin. Also helps with minimizing pores by using anti-oxidant serums, exfoliation, muds, clays, and light therapy.
Chocolate Extravaganza:
Chocolate is rich in antioxidants the texture and smell can create a truly amazing sensory experience in this facial. Can be used as a full body wrap too.
Dehydration and Dry Skin Facial:
Helps with dehydration, dry skin due to lack of water and alipidic skin (dry skin due to lack of oil). Hyaluronic acid, aloe vera gel and cucumber extract can be used in this facial to hydrate the skin.
Hyperpigmentation Facials:
Helps reduce appearance of dark spots and age spots due to sun exposure and hormone changes. Improves tone and texture of skin and gives an even complexion. Can be used on back, chest, legs and arms as well.
Plump & Fill Facial:
These facials feature products by Bio Jouvance they are high quality products imported from France. Bio-Matrix is a wrinkle filler and Bio-Choice is a skin smoother. They have the nickname "needleless botox and filler" due to their ability to plump, fill, reduce wrinkles and reduce the signs of aging.
Rosacea Facials:
Helps to calm skin, reduce red blotchy patches, itchiness, bumps, and discomfort associated with rosacea. Hyaluronic acid, liquid minerals and aloe vera gel can be used in this facial to soother and hydrate.
Sensitive Skin Facial:
Products and machines are used to soothe and meet the special needs of sensitive skin. Uses light therapy and serums for sensitive skin, customizing this facial for the client.
Sinus and Migraine Facial:
To help with the discomfort of sinus and migraine headaches. Uses a combination of aroma therapy oils, gels, hot or cold stones, massage and heat packs depending on what brings the most relief to the client. Because relief is different for everyone this service is customized to fit the clients needs.

Texture, Tone and Tighten:
The goal of this facial is to improve the texture of your skin while also tightening it. The facial is customized by using mask, chemical peels, serums, daily care products and facial machines to meet the needs of each client's skin.
This is the same as a facial but is done on the back.
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