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Chemical Peel Special
Three chemical peels on areas of choice, face & neck, chest & shoulders, back & shoulders, hands and lower arms.
Daily skin care kit and a post chemical peel kit are included at no additional charge with this service.
Includes a post chemical peel kit to be used for five consecutive days post chemical peel.Also includes a daily skin care kit for your face with enough product to last about 3 to 6 weeks.
Daily skin care kits include cleanser, moisturizer, serums for skin type and condition & sunscreen. Each skin care kit usually includes 5 or 6 different products and are based on skin type and skin condition.All three chemical peels can not all be done at the same time each body section will require a separate visit.
To make this service more affordable you can break it down into payments or you can pay in full on first visit.
$260 This special has already been discounted and can not be combined with any additional discount.
Chemical Peels:
Chemical peels are amazing for removing buildup of dead skin cells, facial oil, hyperpigmentation and pollution that our skin is exposed to daily. This removal decreases pore size and reduces the appearance of wrinkles helping rejuvenate the skin. Use of chemical peels can dramatically increase the penetration ability of all products used on the skin. This is a benefit financially for the client because it enables the products to penetrate deeper and work more efficiently which increases the product ability to deliver results.$40 & up
Chemical Peels & Microderm:
Used for clients' specific skin needs, to reduce pore size, hyperpigmentation & the appearance of wrinkles. Includes post-procedure skin care kit.
$60.00 & up
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