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Body Wrap Special
Three body wraps and one facial. Please look over my web site to see the list of body wraps avaiable. Body wraps can be done one per week or less frequently if desired. For cellulite wraps best results will occur from frequent wraps.
One facial is also included and can be done in the same visit as one of your wraps. For heated body wraps you will be coated in the body wrap product of your choice and relax in a infarred heated body blanket or steam sauna. Enjoy a deep penatrating heat that bathes your muscles and is very relaxing.
$150 You can pay $50 per visit if you want. This special has already been discounted and can not be combined with any additional discount.
Body Treatments
Important: Exfoliating your skin helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and pore size. It is also important to exfoliate so that products can penetrate deeper into the skin and be more effective. Exfoliating can also stimulate the blood and lymph system to help with detoxifying.
Body Scrubs & Wraps: Exfoliates, hydrates, & helps reduce the appearance of cellulite.
$50 & up
Types of Wraps and Scrubs
Body Wraps:
Use muds, herbs, lotions, aromatherapy, and massage oils to detox, hydrate, stimulate, and smooth cellulite.
Cinnamon Bun Wrap:
Feel like a cinnamon bun sweet warm and toasty great for wintertime!!!  Get coated in aromatherapy oils cinnamon, orange, peppermint and vanilla slip into the infared heating blanket and recline on a massaging chaise lounge or go in the steam sauna your choice.  Relax your tight muscles, hydrate dry winter skin and enjoy the smell of cinnamon buns in the air.  Includes a salt or sugar scrub and shower to remove mud products. $60 & up 
Cool as a Cucumber:
Great for summertime, it helps dehydrated, sun, and wind burned skin. Uses aloe, aromatherapy oils, muds, cucumber extract oil, and serums to hydrate, calm, and soothe the skin. Includes a salt or sugar scrub of your choice.  $60 & up
Lets Go Muddin:
Enjoy the steam sauna!! This wrap uses mineral and thermal mud to relax, detox, and soothe sore muscles.  Includes a salt or sugar scrub and shower to remove mud products. Aroma therapy oils are added to customize this wrap for the client. 60 & up
Salt and Sugar Scrub:
Helps dry skin by hydrating, relaxing, or stimulating (depending on products used). Uses salt, sugar, and aroma therapy oils to hydrate and exfoliate. Combine a scrub with a wrap for a package deal. $40 & up
Smooth and Silky Cellulite Wrap:
A very hydrating body wrap with muds and aromatherapy oils, cellulite-reducing serums to help hydrate, detox, and reduce the appearance of cellulite. $60 & up
Toasty Wrap:
Done in the steam sauna or in the heated body wrap blanket. Uses massage and aromatherapy oils such as cinnamon, ginger and clove to warm the body. Thermal muds and moist heat are used to help soothe sore muscles, joints and relax muscles.
Includes a salt or sugar scrub. $60 & up
Wrap and Raindrop Therapy:
Uses aromatherapy oil techniques from Young Living Oils to help bring physical, emotional, and mental balance to the mind and body. $100 & up
Head to Toe:
A body wrap of the client's choice and a facial that fits their skins needs. $100 & up
Scrub and Tan:
A body scrub to exfoliate the skin before a spray tan includes a scrub and spray tan. $60 & up
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